Adora’s story

Quality and style without compromise

We have been offering our customers high-quality and beautiful interior design products for 20 years. Our uncompromising taste in style and love for materials have guided our operations right from the start.

We started out as an import and agency company, and we still represent a select group of international interior design textile brands. Nowadays we also have our own range of design carpets, of which we are extremely proud.

Our rugs combine Finnish design with a European sense of style and Eastern artisanal tradition. Before it is manufactured, each rug goes through meticulous design and product development phases to ensure that the rug meets our style and quality standards. We choose our materials carefully and pay attention to every detail. Our hand-woven rugs made from natural materials are timeless and durable.

In addition to private homes, our products have adorned some of the world’s top hotels, restaurants, and other esteemed sites.

Respect for Eastern artisanal skills

Adora’s rugs are crafted in the skilled hands of our trusted Indian and Turkish partners, passing down the crafting tradition from generation to generation.

The high-quality materials are woven into beautiful rugs using age-old artisanal skills, from knot to knot and weave to weave. Each rug pays homage to that artisanal tradition – and a unique creation that will bring joy to its owner for years to come.

Caring and responsible

We believe that ethics and honesty should never be forgotten.

We only collaborate with trusted partners. We have personally selected the weaving mills that we use, and our local representative continuously ensures that all of our manufacturers comply with international ethical guidelines in their work.

We are involved in the Care & Fair charity organization promoting sustainable development. Through the organization, we support rug weaving families so that their children can go to school and everyone can have access to health care.

When you purchase an Adora rug, you can be sure that the product is both well-made and for a good cause. Our rugs bring well-being to you and to their weavers.