Adora Boutique Rug Collection

Adora Boutique collection's rugs are handmade of natural fibers using traditional methods. Each rug is unique as we only weave few pieces of each design, this way we can guarantee that you will get a unique atmosphere into your space. We have collaborated with local artisans to create the designs and colourways. The rugs commissioned from India are woven under controlled conditions without use of child labour. Turkish rugs are all genuinely 40-60 years old. The Turkish patchwork rugs are re-dyed and hand stitched together from pieces obtained from old carpets. Some Turkish rugs are just so well preserved that there’s no need to cut them into pieces nor re-dye.

Boutique Rug Collection is available in our Showroom, and Boknäs store in Galleria Esplanad and Vepsäläinen stores in Porttipuisto/Vantaa & Kehä III/Espoo.